Welcome to my Desk!

I call it organized chaos.


I'm Dana, a creative software developer.

I've learned:

JavaScript | React | Node | Ember


Java | Mockito | JUnit | Jacoco

Python | Django | C | C++ | C#

MongoDB | PostgreSQL | FireStore | Firebase Authentication

Git | JIRA | Postman | Heroku | Docker

Unity | Unreal Engine 4 | Android Studio

Let's connect!

I am in Austin, Texas

Email devwithdana@gmail.com or call (910) 494-6852

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Outside of tech, I...

... spend time with my three dogs and three cats! Thumper, my largest dog, is a Golden Retriever mix who adores people. Ikaros, my oldest dog, is an Alaskan Klee Kai and looks like a tiny husky! Sable is my youngest and smallest, a silly, fluffy Pomeranian. My cats are all from the same litter and are named Nero, Astera, and Caira.

... play video and board games! Some of my favorites video games are Ark, World of Warcraft, and clicker style games. As for board games, I love Monopoly, Pandemic, and Pitch Deck. I have been slowing growing my collection of games and am always looking for new people to play with.

... work on puzzles! I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, solving sudoku and word searches, and all kinds of puzzle games. I love being challenged and seeing how the pieces come together.

... explore stories! Did you know that we are all story tellers? From just recalling an incident that happened last week to telling an elaborate tale that is on par with the Odyssey, we all tell stories. Stories are such a critical part of our lives and I love exploring the psychology behind why we are so engaged in these narratives.


Where I've Studied

General Assembly

Software Engineering Immersive

University of Texas

BS of Computer Science


What I've Done

Lithium Technologies

Software Engineer

• Developed an API that fetched timeline information from Twitter with basic error checking; tested through Mockito and JUnit and measured coverage with Jacoco.

• Designed a user interface with React and Node to display Twitter timelines; tested through Jest and Enzyme.


Software Developer - Intern

• Developed a front-end visualization tool demonstrating the health of important internal pipelines using React and Node.

• Designed a Node module that created a stream of dots flowing from a source div tag to a destination div tag to demonstrate the movement of events in the pipeline.

Aspyr Media

Software Developer Intern

• Designed and developed a Python program to assist in parsing large quantities of data to best summarize and organize financial records to dramatically increase the efficiency of filing taxes.


Software Developer/Product Management Intern

• Assisted other developers in the development of the SSL Certificate Expiration, Domain Expiration, and IP Up/Down applications during a 12% reduction in staff and a merger with another team.

• Managed a small team of interns in the development and deployment of Website Down and Blacklist Reputation applications.


Undergraduate Senior Analyst Intern

• Successfully completed a proof of concept project involving hardware dependent software and Docker containers.

• Designed and implemented a test automation framework in Java for CLI and REST tests, expected to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to do regression testing.


Software Developer Intern

• Implemented user interface changes in a real time network monitoring application designed to enhance user activity and knowledge.

• Designed and developed a code center for users to customize their monitoring preferences by allowing users to read, create, edit, and install PowerShell scripts.


Project Pride